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Fostering a disabled child

Fostering a disabled child

Fostering a child with disabilities is a rewarding vocation and viable career change for people who can provide love, care and attention to vulnerable children. When you foster with us, you will become part of a supportive community experienced in the care of children with additional needs including physical disabilities, learning difficulties, complex medical needs, sensory impairments and autism.

Unfortunately, children with disabilities who end up in care are more likely to have experiences of abuse or neglect than their non-disabled peers. In fact, research has found that disabled children are four times more likely to experience abuse or neglect than non-disabled children.

For this reason, we need families with the availability to foster long term, or to provide short term or respite care to come forward in order to continue to safeguard and promote the best outcomes. For example, research has found that children with disabilities who are placed in long-term foster care are more likely to achieve educational qualifications and have better employment outcomes as adults than those who experience multiple foster care placements or enter residential care.

It is so rewarding knowing that we provide a safe family environment for children who would otherwise grow up in residential care. – Christine & Allan, Foster Carers

Disability foster carers say...

Laura, who is a qualified special needs teacher, and her husband Alex became foster carers in 2017

"The first time we saw our first foster child smile and laugh we both near enough cried. The fact that we have made him happy and comfortable is one of the best things ever.

Fostering changes children’s lives and you should be thankful when you have the ability to do that."

Laura and Alex

Laura and Alex

Disability Foster Carers

“We wanted an agency that felt family oriented and child focussed”

Before fostering, Julie was a learning disability nurse and Robin supported disabled people in a residential home

Julie and Robin have been fostering since 2008. They care for three children on a long-term basis, supporting their complex needs and ensuring they live a happy family life.

In their video you will learn from Julie and Robin about their journey into fostering, how it impacts on their lives and the lives of the children they care for, why they chose to foster with Fostering Together, the support they receive, and their quality of life being disability foster carers.

We have the expertise to support families caring for children with complex needs

Our team has extensive experience in supporting disability foster carers and their families. When you foster with Fostering Together, you also benefit from our established network of specialists and experts. Together we strive to provide the best possible support to our foster carers in their important role caring for children with the most complex of needs.

Discover more about becoming a  foster carer...

Whether you are new to fostering, wanting to learn more about this challenging and rewarding role, or an experienced carer considering transferring to a supportive provider which shares your principles and values, please get in touch today.

Leave your details below for a FREE fostering information guide as well as access to our 25 minute video presentation: Discover a Rewarding Career & Fulfilling Lifestyle Fostering a Child with Disabilities where you will discover a comprehensive summary of our supportive service and how we work with you to create positive futures for children with disabilities.

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We are only able to assess families who are permanent residents of the UK. We are still more than happy to still send you information or answer any questions you might have for potentially in the future!