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Fostering Together is Makaton Friendly

We're Makaton Friendly!

Submitted by fosteringtogether on 11 March 2022

We've  just been accredited by The Makaton Charity as a Makaton friendly organisation!

With our commitment to being Makaton Friendly, we have signed up to continue promotion of inclusive communication strategies for early years children and those with additional learning or communication needs. 

Makaton is a set of universal language support tools that uses signs, speech and symbols to empowers and enables language development and communication confidence for young children or those with learning difficulties and speech delay.

All of our staff team have recently begun their Makaton journey, building our capabilities to communicate with children with all levels of ability living with their fostering families. We're also supporting families to do the same with learning opportunities and wider resources provided by the charity.

We're excited to continue to put into practice these new skills and be part of the Makaton Charity's drive to create a fairer society for all.